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Coastal Magic!

Hey all! So, I’m not going to be updating the blog as much anymore . . .

Yes, I can hear you all saying, “But Sam, you never updated the blog much.” And that’s true, but I’ve taken it off the main menu of the website because I don’t want to tease you with something I’m just not doing.

BUT! I will occasionally post with important updates, like this one. Next February, I’ll be attending the 10th Coastal Magic Convention in Daytona Beach Florida. It’s exciting to have been invited, and I cannot wait to get there and meet everyone!

A Wilde Update!

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted about this, so I just wanted to update you.

First, the Wilde Love Christmas stories will be out soon. They’re essentially an epilogue to the series, a short happily ever after for each couple in the series. (I’ve got a little extra surprise for mailing list subscribers, too!)

Second, yes, the main series story arc is done. There are two more books I’m still considering writing in the Wilde Love world, but they will be completely stand-alone. So if you’ve been waiting for the end to read, feel free now!

Next up is The Rowan Harbor Cycle! In a world that looks just like ours, but where the supernatural lurks just beneath the surface, the series starts with Devon coming home to Rowan Harbor after spending his life running away from himself.

With werewolves, magic, hints of Celtic myth, and a an epic quest that will save not only their town, but possibly the world, The Rowan Harbor Cycle is going to be lots of fun! I hope you’ll join me for it!

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