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Rowan Harbor Cast of Characters

The Murphy-O’Meara Family
Devon Murphy – Half-fae main character
Joseph Murphy – Devon’s father, town deputy, deceased
Eileen O’Meara – Devon’s mother, collector of husbands
Siobhan O’Meara – Devon’s grandmother
Rose – Devon’s great-grandmother
Snow – Rose’s sister

The Hunter Family
Jesse Hunter – Werewolf main character
Wade Hunter – Town deputy, werewolf, Devon’s boyfriend
Regina Hunter – Jesse and Wade’s mother, werewolf
Jerry Hunter – Jesse and Wade’s, hippie carpenter werewolf
Nate Hunter – Regina’s first younger brother, garage owner, werewolf
Olivia Hunter – Nate’s wife
Michael Hunter – Nate and Olivia’s son, werewolf
Elaine (Laney) Hunter – Nate and Olivia’s daughter, witch
Tristan Hunter – Regina’s second younger brother, werewolf

The Lane Family
Fletcher Lane – Shapeshifter main character
Eric Lane – Fletcher’s father, emergency nurse at the clinic, widower

The MacKenzie Family
Isla MacKenzie – Witch main character of In Any Light
Lachlan MacKenzie – Isla’s brother, magical baker extraordinaire
Jeremy Anderson – Hector and Helena’s father, now married to Siobhan O’Meara
Hector MacKenzie – The primary villain of the first trilogy
Helena MacKenzie – Isla and Lachlan’s mother

The Anderson Family (or a very small branch thereof)
Sean Anderson – Succubus, horticulturalist, love of Jesse Hunter’s life
Sebastian Anderson – Rowan Harbor’s native son in New York, college student
Annie Anderson – Everyone’s favorite retired ace knitter, aunt to Frank
Frank Anderson – Sean and Sebastian’s father, owner of the town grocery store
Leah Anderson – Wife to Frank, mother to Sean and Sebastian, kindergarten teacher, deceased

The Cormier Family
Esmerelda Cormier – Matriarch of the Cormier family, Witch on the town council, deceased
Thomas Cormier – Esmerelda’s son, town mayor, willing figurehead, linguistic anglophile
Alannah Cormier – Thomas’s wife, high school principal, Joseph Murphy’s sister, Devon’s aunt
Delphine Cormier – Alannah and Thomas’s eldest daughter
Leetah Cormier – Alannah and Thomas’s younger daughter, emergency nurse at the clinic

The Volkov Family
Andrei Volkov – werewolf, cook at the Half Moon diner
Marina Volkov – werewolf, future owner of the brewery
Anatoly Volkov – Andrei’s father, brewery business manager
Ivan Volkov – Marina’s father, head brewer

The Mason Family
Conner Mason – involuntary witch, ex-supernatural hunter, computer wiz, Fletcher’s boyfriend
Margie Mason – Conner’s mother
Jake – Conner’s father, Margie’s first husband, supernatural hunter, abuser
Gary Mason – Conner’s adopted father, Margie’s second husband

Oak – Dryad, member of the town council, representative of the forest, cinnamon roll.
Salli Maxwell – Siren, manager of Harbor Yarns. Kind of the boss of Devon.
Maria Leon – schoolteacher, new town resident, friend of Devon
Evie Sarian – mechanic
Hana – owner of the Half Moon Diner, husband named James
Alex Bering – yarn shop employee, MBA student
Cassidy Simon – vampire, bartender/brewer, new vampire on the town council, Isla’s girlfriend
Max Smith – vampire on the town council, best friend to Esmerelda
Sol White – vampire, ex-partner of Cassidy
Frank and Bob – supernatural hunters, friends of Conner’s deceased father
Jen Marks – town deputy
Akiyama Takao – town deputy
Mizuki (Akiyama) Green – Librarian, sister to Takao, wife of the sheriff, pregnant
John Green – sheriff, human, husband of the librarian
Manisha Jha – the town’s only general practitioner
Vera Owens – lamia, town postmaster
Charles – abusive ex-boyfriend of Jesse Hunter, supernatural hunter
Madison Blake – werewolf, new town resident, waitress at the diner
Anthony Blake – werewolf, new town resident, high school student
Joshua – werewolf, dupe of Charles
Lisa and Jayden – two kids lost in the woods and hunted by a troll
Dude – unicorn living in the Fae realm of summer, protecting their friends
Tail-spot – Dude’s BFF
The Winter queen – Queen of the fae realm of Winter, has eaten from the tree of wisdom
The Summer king – you know who he is.

If you have comments or questions, or I’ve missed a character you think belongs on the list, let me know!


  1. Shirl K Bonner

    The siren who helped siphon off the magic from the wards and manages the yarn shop.

    • Sam

      Oh my gosh, how did I forget Salli? Thanks for pointing it out! (sorry it took me forever to respond, I’ve been down with a cold)

  2. Janel

    Is it ever mentioned exactly what Deputy Takao is? I’m on a reread but I can’t remember it ever being mentioned other than Devon thinking it has “something to do with snow” in book 4.

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