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Wolf Reborn

Book Cover: Wolf Reborn
Part of the The Wolves of Kismet series:

Gavin Lloyd has been a werewolf for ten months, and he’s still trying to get used to it. He wants to settle into a nice quiet life, running his coffee shop with his pack and learning how to be a werewolf. But now people are saying he’s some kind of prophesied werewolf messiah. He doesn’t know how they expect him to help them when he hasn’t even figured out how to help himself.

Miles Parker has lived in Kismet, Colorado his whole life, and up till now it’s been nothing but a simple, mundane existence. Then Gavin moved into town, with his sparkling green eyes and ability to make tea lattes like nobody else.

When Miles gets a call to look into a burglary at his boyfriend’s home on the full moon, though, what he finds there sets off a chain of events that will leave his life completely transformed.

And maybe, somewhere along the way, give Gavin the spark he needs.

Cover Artists:


Wolf Found


The Prince’s Dragon


  1. Chris

    I really liked the series and read all 3 in 2 days 🙂
    But I wondered what makes Dez’s leg injury different from Miles car accident injuries?

    • Sam

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed them!

      Basically, it’s a difference in the kind of wound and healing time required. Dez had a complex fracture that would have required surgery to fix, and his leg trying to heal around the displaced shards of bone didn’t help. Miles didn’t have that complication, and the tissue damage healed quickly and without interference.

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