A snow white prince lost in a storm, and the huntsman who will have his heart.

Gareth is the huntsman of Castle Gwynedd. It’s not a fancy life, but he gets to live in his cozy cabin with his wolfhound, Leni, and do work he’s good at. If he spends more time than appropriate reminiscing about his youth with Prince Carwyn, no one needs to know about it. A little pining isn’t going to hurt anyone but Gareth, after all.

Carwyn is about to be crowned king of Gwynedd. He’s anxious about how he’ll be remembered by history. Will he be like his mother, remembered as a wise and clever ruler, or will he forge a less noble legacy and become Carwyn the Last, ending the country his ancestors cobbled together from warring families?

When an overheard conversation sends Carwyn running in fear for his life, Gareth is the only man who can hunt his future king down in time to save him from the coming snowstorm . . . and from a bigger threat inside the castle itself.

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