Book Cover: The Elemental Ruins
Part of the Circle the Square series:

This blurb contains spoilers for book one, so proceed with caution!

What do you do the day after the world doesn’t end?

If you’re River Keyes (yeah, me), you try to figure out how you’re going to live without the internet. Because we might have kept two worlds from being destroyed, but now I’m trapped in a place with no electricity, no takeout, and no phoning home.

Worse, it’s a world where my absent father is not just present, but in power, and even more of a jerk than I remember.

At least if I’ve got to be trapped away from home, there’s Lasya Zarani, hot elven general and best eye-candy ever. Once he decides whether he wants to cut me to ribbons or take me to bed, things might get interesting.

But that’s only if my father doesn’t kill one or both of us first.

The Elemental Ruins is the second of two books featuring travel between two very different worlds, a snarky criminal trapped far from home, the angry elven general he’s lusting after, his terrible father, and a few surprises along the way. It concludes the story begun in The Elemental Keyes with happily ever afters all around.

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