Book Cover: The Black King

Prince Revelin was slaughtered beside his family. Now, his cousin King Verlyn holds the throne, and peace reigns in Nenyth.

That is the story peasants tell, huddling before their hearths while the kingdom falls into ruin, afraid to speak the truth even in whispers. There is no peace, only the brutality of the beasts and bandits that roam the countryside while the usurper king sits his throne, blind to our suffering. I’ve felt it every second of my life, held back by illness that’s gripped me since childhood. But a wish and a promise brings me the health and strength I need to set things right—find the rightful king and restore Nenyth.

If I fail, my promise will be broken, my life lost alongside it, but word of a rogue knight reaches our hamlet—a warrior skilled enough to teach me the ways of the blade. In my father’s footsteps, I’ll become a knight and restore justice.

My name is Quentin, and if it takes all that I have and all I’ve ever hoped for, I will save my kingdom, my people, and my prince.

The Black King is an MM epic fantasy serial novel. Join Quentin and our knight errant as they fight back the dark. Full of violence, hope, and more than a little swordplay.

The Black King was originally published on Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes's Patreon page as our 2022 Epic Fantasy Romance serial.

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