He lost everything, and the only person who can give him what he needs is the heir of his greatest enemy

Ford McKesson lost his joy when his mate died of the mysterious Condition. Werewolves spent two decades watching their most vulnerable packmates wither and die, and now Ford’s own pack has unmasked the culprit. For many, it’s been a time to celebrate the end of a dark period of werewolf history, but Ford can’t let go of his grief. He watches his pack move toward a brighter future while he’s left behind.

Archer Sterling’s life was built on a rotten foundation. After his grandfather tried to destroy werewolves as a species, Archer is left scrambling to make things right. But a new beast is howling in his head, and he no longer fits into the human world of his youth.

The past year has changed Grovetown—and the world—and neither Archer nor Ford know where they fit anymore. Together, maybe they can make a new kind of home, where everyone belongs.

Strawberry Moon is an enemies-to-lovers romance with two hardheaded wolves—one a grieving widower, and the other an heir to a blighted corporation that nearly destroyed werewolf kind—in the one place with a home for them both, in a non-mpreg ABO world.

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