Jesse Hunter is finally trying to be an adult, but it still feels like an act. His place on the town council is a sham. He’s rarely called on to do anything. His boyfriend is grieving the loss of his mother, and while everyone seems to think he’s doing a great job caring for Sean, Jesse feels like he’s more of a distraction than a real help.

March is shaping up to be a bad month. First, random chance leads him to the realization that the town’s recent trouble is his fault. Then new werewolves come into town, and it turns out they’re also Jesse’s responsibility. He feels like he may be at his breaking point, and he doesn’t want to drag his friends and loved ones down with him. But how will he handle it alone?

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Reviews:Elizabeth on Joyfully Jay wrote:

It’s refreshing to have a supernatural world where the drama, the angst and the conflict come from people being people and the disruption of their normalcy rather than the unhappiness of being different. The Rowan Harbor books are comforting and familiar, well-written and populated with people I like and whose stories I like reading. I recommend each one of them, and Stag and the Ash in particular.