A fae who betrayed his prince for a doomed passion.

Syren sacrificed the man he loved to spare humanity from the wrath of the fae. For three hundred years, he’s been stuck on the mortal plane, floating alone in his pool while his powers slipped away. The last fae in the realm, his only companion is a mysterious bird until Audric, King of Aranthe, comes to claim his sword—the instrument that caused the rift between Faerie and the human realm.

A bastard who should never have inherited the throne.

After centuries of peace, Faerie destroys the royal family of Aranthe in a single brutal strike, leaving only one behind—Audric, the king’s bastard son, who’s always been more warrior than noble. As the magic holding the fae out of Aranthe cracks, Audric strikes out on a quest to retrieve a weapon that can save humanity from the fae.

A desperate fight to thwart the bloodthirsty fae prince who wants to break them both.

Forced together by the magic of the sword Audric needs but Syren cannot surrender, their bond is the only thing that can stop Faerie from breaking through into Aranthe and razing the kingdom to the ground.

Find within the pages of this high fantasy MM romance: one snarky fae who’s got a marshmallow-soft center hidden behind his prickly attitude and pretty face, an overgrown knight turned king with a heart of gold (and buns of steel), and the cleverest bird you ever did see! Enjoy snark for days as these tall-and-taller lads share only one bed, fight back against the forces of evil, and find the cure for three centuries of touch-starvation. And seriously, check the trigger warnings on the copyright page if you’re sensitive to violence and trauma (or the healing power of consensual, ah, cuddling). Beware the splash zone in the Pool of Dreams.

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