The prodigal alpha returns from the navy to a whole new sea of trouble...

Aspen Grove left his pack to ensure its future, and his own. After ten years in the navy, his father is dead, his brother is pack alpha, and he’s ready to return. But does the pack he turned his back on still have a place for him so many years later?

Brook Morgan has seen the dark side of alpha wolves—their violence, their brutality, their greed. He has only taken the first small steps toward recovery when Aspen Grove, the alpha who stole his heart then abandoned it ten years ago, returns to Grovetown. Thank the moon he can lose himself in video games and put the only alpha he'd ever wanted out of mind for good.

After abandoning his rightful place in the Grove pack, Aspen is struggling to find where he fits in, but when the feral wolves who tormented Brook return looking for more trouble, he has to protect his home, and his mate, or risk losing them both forever.

Hunter Moon is a second-chance, childhood sweethearts romantic wolfish romp featuring one misplaced navy alpha, a mechanic who’s better with cars and video games than with people, and enough apple butter to soothe all woes, in a non-mpreg ABO world.

Please be aware of the content warnings on the copyright page of this book, as this story deals with trauma and recovery.

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