Book Cover: Hardwood
Part of the Poisonwood & Lyric series:

Malcolm McKittack’s life consists of the three Ps: pleasure, partying, and paranoia. Okay, maybe not usually the last one, but somebody’s been following him. He’s being hunted, doomed to be sacrificed on the altar of some old guy’s downstairs dysfunction, only no one believes him.

Kostas has never met anyone annoying as Malcolm Freaking McKittack. He comes into his bar every night, and leaves with his arm wrapped around the waist of someone new. He’s trouble, and Kostas doesn’t need any. It doesn’t matter how the incubus makes eyes at him, he’s not interested.

When Kostas witnesses Malcolm being kidnapped, he knows he shouldn’t get involved—it’s probably some creepy demonic game. But playing the hero fits him like Malcolm’s bespoke suit, and it’ll take them both to stop a plot that threatens the whole supernatural world.

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