Book Cover: Fireforged
Part of the Sons of Olympus series:

Hephaestus has never been interested in the petty squabbles of his family, but this time, it’s different. The titans have escaped Tartarus and are threatening not only his selfish siblings and cousins, but the very foundations of the world he calls his own.

Anteros has lived a sheltered life, doted on and protected by both of his fathers. But now, in the face of the threat the titans pose, he has to step up and help in the war effort. As the only god who has never betrayed Hephaestus, he’s sent to beg for the forge god’s aid in the coming conflict. Only Hephaestus isn’t what everyone told him. He’s talented and stern, yes, but also handsome and above all that, sweet, at least to Ant.

When Atlas comes to demand Hephaestus’s help on behalf of the titans, Heph is forced to make a choice: his abusive family, or the titans. Hephaestus is less worried about that choice than what it might lead to—will the titans punish sweet, innocent Anteros if he refuses them?

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