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Eagle in the Hawthorn

Rowan Harbor has had a tough winter, and Devon Murphy wants nothing more than to make it better. When he proposes a solution to the town’s low morale, it creates a rift in his relationship with his boyfriend, Wade. They’ve hardly ever argued, and when things get tense, Devon has no idea how to handle it.

But an evil presence in his town targets the people Devon loves, he has to put his personal worries aside and face danger down again. Will he be able to protect his town, and if he can, will Wade be waiting for him when it’s done?

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Reviews:Belen on Gay Book Reviews wrote:

There aren’t many higher compliments I could give then: I read your book in a single sitting.

Told in Devon’s single POV, we pick up in the aftermath of the attack where the town is still mourning, but beginning to pick up the pieces, when Gran returns, and another crime takes place. Devon needs to rely on the council and Wade more than ever.

I was riveted by the new twists. I honestly didn’t see how the rest of the series is being set up to play out coming.

I was pleasantly surprised by Devon’s mom, and immensely grateful for the way that played out. I love watching the character growth in this series. And we finally get Devon and Wade’s HEA!


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  1. Chris

    I loved it and especially the family reunion, but of course it was too short and I have to wait too long and soon it will be all over 🙂
    But one thing that puzzled me: why are Oak listed as a cinnamon roll? :-))
    Because those cinnamon rolls deseved a spot on the rooster on their own complete with recipe and all.

    • Sam

      It is coming to a close really quickly, isn’t it? Glad you liked this one!

      Hmm… I ought to find and post that recipe, actually… It’s totally worth having!

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