An MM SciFi Alien Warrior Romance

Book Cover: Declared
Part of the Star Marked Warriors series:
An alien warrior, a kidnapped mate, and a traitor waiting to take everything from them both…

Wesley: I’ve always loved space. Give me Star Trek over Lord of the Rings any day. Since I was a kid, all I’ve wanted is to explore the great beyond, to boldly go and all that jazz. And with my feet firmly stuck on Earth, the way I reach for the stars is through developing video games. The biggest issue there? Well, I can’t keep a job beyond one project.

But all that staring at the night sky finally gets me somewhere when a tractor beam drops down from the sky in the Appalachian mountains and drags me up into an incredible spaceship full of big, scary, delicious-looking alien warriors. I’ve always fantasized about seeing the universe, but the reality—a handsy, grinning warrior—is so much more than I bargained for.

Jax: I have a problem—I am the son of Zul the Proeliator, greatest Thorzi warrior, and I have had no chance to honor my legacy on the battlefield. When our people were dying out, they took human mates and produced a generation of hybrid children. But the hybrid sons of the planet Thorzan are protected, privileged, and wasted. All my life, I have been companion and protector to Prince Kaelum instead of a proper warrior.

And now my people's enemies have come to believe that a younger generation of spoiled hybrids makes Thorzan ripe for invasion. When they attack our home, I must choose between duty and protecting the beautiful man whose bright mind has caught my heart.

By popular cowriting duo Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes, Declared is an M/M SciFi alien romance with a hybrid warrior trying to prove his worth, a lost human looking for stable ground, and battles that will prove sometimes, the only thing a warrior can do when tested is survive. This book is second in the Star Marked Warriors series, but each book can be read as standalone.

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