An alpha torn apart, his heart stitched back together by the gentle hands of one sweet doctor’s assistant…

Dante Reid has never fit in with his pack of feral, dangerous alphas. He hates his own nature, and his monster of a father makes him question his very DNA. When the Reids leave him bleeding out at the edge of Grove pack lands, it’s their sweater-wearing leader who saves Dante’s life, but in the bright eyes of Doctor Grove’s assistant, Skye, he sees hope for his future, and a place he wishes he could belong.

For all his life, Skye Johnson has been treated like he’s made of china. As the only omega in the Grove pack with a chronic case of the mysterious Condition, his pack is fiercely protective of him. When a strange new alpha arrives in the clinic, the pack circles to keep him safe, but Skye can see more in Dante Reid than his name. And for once, it seems like an alpha might see Skye clearly too, for all that he has to offer and not for his chronic illness.

The condition has already torn apart Skye and Dante’s childhoods, but now the source of that threat rears its head, and wants to take what little they have left. Can they stop the Sterling Corporation and its master before it’s too late?

Cold Moon is a hurt-comfort werewolfy romance with one sad packless alpha searching for himself and a place to belong, one sick omega who’s even more sick of being underestimated, and all the breakfast sandwiches two wolves can eat, even if they are (blech) healthy, in a non-mpreg ABO world.

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