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Hey all! So, I’m not going to be updating the blog as much anymore . . .

Yes, I can hear you all saying, “But Sam, you never updated the blog much.” And that’s true, but I’ve taken it off the main menu of the website because I don’t want to tease you with something I’m just not doing.

BUT! I will occasionally post with important updates, like this one. Next February, I’ll be attending the 10th Coastal Magic Convention in Daytona Beach Florida. It’s exciting to have been invited, and I cannot wait to get there and meet everyone!


Falling Snow




  1. Janet Rutkowski


    Does your book ‘Submitted’ have any BDSM in it?

    • Sam

      Hey! Nope, Submitted is not a BDSM book. Its sexual content is much in line with the first book in the series, which is already available so you can judge that for yourself.

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