Series: Poisonwood & Lyric

Book Cover: Wyrmwood

News and Updates:

Book three in the Fantastic Fluke series, Fluke and the Faultline Fiasco, is now available. Early next February will be book four, Fluke and the Frontier Farce. Expect the cover reveal soon. (Do I already have it? Yes I do…)

The entire Star Marked Warriors series is now available, wrapped up this October with the third and final book, Submitted.

Later in 2021, the last book in the Wolf Moon Rising series, Strawberry Moon, will let everyone know how the Grove pack is doing in the aftermath of the events of Cold Moon. The blurb is in the back of Cold Moon, and we’ll share the cover soon!

Finally, Waverly and I are continuing our Poisonwood & Lyric series this December, with the follow-up to Poisonwood. Wyrmwood, available now for preorder and in KU on December 9th. The final novella in the series, Hardwood, is currently expected early next year.