Series: Fairy Tales

Book Cover: Froggie Went A Sailing
Froggie Went A Sailing

Series: The Fantastic Fluke

Book Cover: Fluke and the Fantastic Finale
Fluke and the Fantastic Finale

News and Updates:

Book four in The Fantastic Fluke series, Fluke and the Frontier Farce, is currently available! The fifth and final book, Fluke and the Fantastic Finale, will be released on August 25th. The cover is up on both the website and the preorder link above. For anyone curious about the Fluke audio, the third one is now available on audible narrated by Zachary Johnson, who will be narrating the series moving forward as he finds time.

The entire Star Marked Warriors series is now available, wrapped up this October with the third and final book, Submitted. Better yet, Michael Fell is working on the series in audio, and they’re all now out! Start here with Captured!

Because I’ve had such a lovely time working with Michael, and since it’s been driving me batty that the Rowan Harbor series was never completed in audio, I’ve contracted with Michael to get them finished. It’ll be a narrator change in the middle, but I think it’ll be excellent, as Michael always is.

Finally, Waverly and I have something big in the works, to be announced soon. Think Fire and Valor, but with more fae. For more information, subscribe to our Patreon!