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News and Updates:

First and foremost, why is everything out of date right now? Is Sam on vacation? No, friends, I’m in the middle of planning and executing a cross-country move! So if I’m late updating or responding to an email, it’s probably because of that, sorry!

What’s next right now? Circle the Square! The first book, The Elemental Keyes, is out on March 23rd, and the second, The Elemental Ruins, following quickly on April 13th. Hopefully that will keep you all from coming for me. (ducks the rotten fruit)

The Fantastic Fluke series is now complete, with Fluke and the Fantastic Finale. For anyone curious about the Fluke audio, the fourth one is now available on audible narrated by Zachary Johnson. The fifth is running late, but will hopefully be available soon!

Waverly’s and my new fantasy epic, Pool of Dreams, is now available on audio, narrated by Greg Tremblay and Michael Dean.

The Sons of Olympus series’s time has finally, truly come. Waverly and I put out the second book—Fireforged—in February, and the last one is in the works now!

Because I’ve had such a lovely time working with Michael Fell, and since it’s been driving me batty that the Rowan Harbor series was never completed in audio, I’ve contracted with Michael to get them finished. It’ll be a narrator change in the middle, but I think it’ll be excellent, as Michael always is.

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